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All mentally ready for the holidays thanks to perfect chilly temps and a gorgeous Fall backdrop, my Thanksgiving weekend request was to see the new film “Lincoln.”  I have a natural love of history, but just don’t have enough context to grasp the importance of many figures and events.  Abraham Lincoln is one of those figures.  I have basic knowledge of him, but haven’t really understood who he was, what he’s remembered for and honestly have been perplexed by the reverence he renders seemingly without criticism.  Well, first of all … in the movie, Daniel Day-Lewis rocks it.  I mean, seriously.  He nailed Abraham Lincoln and will earn the Best Actor Oscar, for sure.  I walked out of the movie feeling like I’d for-real seen Abraham Lincoln, with all his quirks, charisma and ability to focus on what was most important for the greater good.

Although I can point out some spotty acting I’m surprised made it through editing, Steven Spielberg did an excellent job of conveying the political environment of the day, which is really not much different from ours today.  And to my surprise, ole’ Honest Abe knew how to play the game and was shameless in doing so to achieve his goals, which in this chapter of his life was abolishing slavery AND ending the civil war. Bravo to all involved for bringing the essence of Abraham Lincoln to life in a way that those of us living 150 years later are able to better understand and appreciate what made him so special.