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Creamy Lentil-Chick Pea Soup

Quick and satisfying

Soups are easy, so I make them … A LOT.  Lentils cook quickly so this soup was ready in no time.  I’ll attempt to provide measurements, but I tend to be a dash of this and sprinkle of that kind of cook.  I’ll ballpark my ingredients the best I can but know seasonings you add should be to-taste … to your taste.

Creamy Lentil-Chick Pea Soup

Yellow lentils (one small bag from Trader Joe’s … or perhaps two cups)

Chick peas – one can or if fresh, one cup (but they must be soaked for literally days first)

Baby Spinach and kale mix (I added an entire container of pre-washed greens)

Cherry tomatoes – 10 or so

Salt (iodized sea salt) – 2 tsps

Pepper – a dash or to-taste

Toasted sesame oil – 2 tbsps

Cover the lentils and chick peas in water, bring to boil, add tomatoes, greens and reduce to low simmer.  Add salt, pepper and toasted sesame oil.  Cover and cook.  Should be ready to eat within 30 minutes.

The lentils and chick peas create a nice foundation, the greens provide additional nutrition and color and the cherry tomatoes add a nice tangy pop.  Rather than biting into a whole cherry tomato I chose to use my immersion blender to blend them and the greens in with the soup.  Blend to the consistency you prefer.

And there you have it!  Make a nice side salad and din-din is ready!