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Miso Hungry

Simple homemade miso soup

Simple homemade miso soup

Miso soup is one of the most nourishing dishes I can think of.  When I eat it I feel like my body is literally soaking up its nutrients.  Miso soup in restaurants can be tasty, but it could come from a pre-made mix loaded with sodium.  Making it from scratch is quick, easy, and gives you peace of mind that you know what’s in it, and it’s all good!  Here’s how you make it:

Miso Soup

Water – 4 cups

3-4 tbsps of wakame seaweed

Extra firm or firm tofu

Soy sauce (low sodium)

Miso paste

Chopped scallions

Cut your tofu in cubes, place in pot of boiling water along with seaweed.  Lower to medium heat.  Let the tofu become saturated and seaweed soften (about 5 minutes).  Take 1-2 tbsp of miso paste and in a separate bowl and add warm water.  Not boiling because you don’t want to destroy the nutritional benefits of the miso.  Miso contains healthy probiotic bacteria which is good for your gut and immune system and boiling water will kill the bacteria.  Mix the miso well separately and once your other ingredients in the pot are no longer boiling mix in the miso paste.  Mix everything well and add soy sauce to taste.  Chop your scallions and add.  Voila!  Healthy, delicious miso soup from scratch … in about 10 minutes!